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We're rewarding Citi cardholders with a free bottle of wine every time they dine at any of our hundreds of partner restaurants and pay with their Citi card. With an impressive list from exquisite hatted restaurants through to local cafes and bistros across the country, the Citibank Dining Program is bringing customers the very best of Australia's dining scene.

Let us know your thoughts on the Citibank Dining Program via our Contact Us page. We're always keen to hear your suggestions, including which restaurants you'd like us to add to the Program and how we can improve it for you.

  1. Mention you're a Citi cardholder when you book or arrive at a partner restaurant
  2. Choose your free bottle of wine from the Citi selection
  3. Pay for your meal with your Citi card.

No - the offer is only eligible when you dine in at our partner restaurants.

You can select either a bottle of red or white wine at most of our partner restaurants. Your waiter will identify which wines on the menu are on offer with the Citibank Dining Program. You can also check what wines a restaurant offers on the Restaurant's page on this site.

There is a minimum order of one main course per person at most of our partner restaurants. For those restaurants with a sharing, yum cha, sushi, pizza, tapas or small plate menu, a minimum spend of $50 on food is required. Further conditions may apply to some restaurants, please visit the restaurant's profile page and review the specific conditions for that restaurant.

You must request the free bottle of wine at the time of ordering and it cannot be taken or consumed away from the restaurant.

If the specific Citi wine is out of stock at a particular restaurant, you'll be offered an equivalent alternative wine that the restaurant has available.

No, there is a limit of one bottle of wine per table and the whole table's bill must be paid for on one Citi card.

No, the hand-picked wines cannot be exchanged for another wine on the wine list at any of the partner restaurants. Wines are supplied by McWilliam's Wines Group, one of Australia's first families of wine and include iconic brands such as Evans & Tate, Mount Pleasant, McWilliams and Last Horizon. You can browse the available wines here.

No! You can dine as many times as you like, at as many of the Citibank Dining Program restaurants you like. There are no restrictions on the number of times you can redeem your complimentary bottle of wine.

No, the Citibank Dining Program cannot be used in conjunction with any other offers or when paying with a voucher.

Find a partner restaurant on our website by using the search feature on the home page, or download the latest version of the Citi AU Mobile app for iPhone and Android. The app allows you to search for nearby restaurants, using location services, and also to search by cuisine and suburb.

That's ok, tell us a restaurant you'd like added to the Citibank Dining Program via our Contact Us page and we'll see what we can do.

We've partnered with McWilliam's Wines Group to provide complimentary, wines to our customers via the Citibank Dining Program.

Few have helped shape the evolution of the Australian wine industry like McWilliam's Wines. From humble beginnings on the outskirts of Corowa in 1877, the philosophy of putting quality of fruit first has ensured that McWilliam's continues to be one of Australia's most popular, respected and iconic wineries. With six consecutive generations of winemakers and over 135 years of experience, the wines McWilliam's make are quality wines.

McWilliam's Wines Group is one of Australia's first families of wine and through the Citibank Dining Program our customers can enjoy a complimentary bottle of wine from iconic brands such as Evans & Tate, Mount Pleasant, McWilliams and Last Horizon. For detailed information on each wine available please visit the Wines page.

Respected wine critic and wine cultivator, James Halliday has a career that spans over 40 years. He's constantly in demand as a wine judge in Australia and overseas.

James rates every wine that he drinks by the following scale:

  • 94-100 (Outstanding): Wines of the highest quality, usually with a distinguished pedigree.
  • 90-93 (Highly Recommended): Wines of a great quality, style and character, worthy of a place in any cellar.
  • 87-89 (Recommended): Above average wines.

Most of the wines available with the Citibank Dining Program are rated 90 points or higher by James Halliday.

James Halliday also rates wineries based on the nature of their wines and bestows a star rating on them based on the following criteria:

  • 5 stars - Outstanding winery capable of producing wines of very high quality, and did so this year. Also will usually have at least two wines rated at 94 points or above.
  • 4.5 Stars - Excellent winery able to produce wines of high to very high quality, knocking on the door of a five star rating. Will have one wine rated at 94 points or above, and two (more) at 90 or above, others at 87 to 89.
  • 4 Stars - Very good producer of wines with class and character. Will have two or more wines rated at 90 points or above or possibly one at 94 or above.
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