Harewood Estate Pinot Gris Flux II

Harewood Estate Pinot Gris Flux II

Frankland River, WA
This Pinot Gris was sourced from the Frankland River and underwent fermentation in stainless steel tanks. Upon being poured in a glass, the resultant drink shows a lovely pale golden colour. A swirl on the glass reveals flavours and aromas of pear marry and Meyer lemon. These elements are complemented by hints of honeysuckle and spice flavours. A dry style of the classic Alsatian wines, it ends with a crisp and lengthy finale. Enjoy this gorgeous varietal with seared or grilled fishes or oven roasted chicken.

Some of our partner restaurants where you can enjoy Harewood Estate Pinot Gris Flux II:

72 Outram Street, West Perth
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